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Neha Katta

Neha Katta

Neha Katta is the CEO and Founder of Codesign Labs. She oversees the client communication and project management and is known as the chief of every-little-thing. Neha is known for her great story-telling skills and marketing strategies that have worked wonders for clients at Codesign Labs.

5 things new businesses should have before launch

Is your new venture nearing it’s much awaited launch date. You think you’ve got everything checked! A great team, an excellent product/ service, a viable business model, and an unstoppable drive! Needless to say,...

Why your marketing communication is failing?

No matter what your collateral is it should communicate well and enough. Wondering how to know If you have communicated well and enough to make your users take the action.

What makes our clients come back to us always?

Few days back I was interacting with one of our potential clients who mentioned “I have burnt my money twice to get a decent website done for my company and still haven’t got it...